Bran Van 3000 au Festival d'Été de Québec

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Quebec City

In 1997, Bran Van 3000, under the leadership of musical renaissance man James Di Salvio, took the international music scene by storm with Glee (a true studio mixtape) and their unforgettable, sunny anthem Drinking In L.A. With a hybrid sound at the crossroads of pop, soul, hip-hop and dance, these rhythm architects constantly reinvent themselves through an amalgamation of styles (folk, reggae, rock) and with the help of a variety of diverse collaborators, from Eric-Pierre Bergen and Stephane Moraille to Jean Leloup and Kim Bingham. Signed at the time on Mike D’s (Beastie Boys) label, Grand Royal, Discosis (2001) is still a symbol of the creative effervescence of the late 1990s, featuring the last collaboration of soul giant Curtis Mayfield on Astounded. Celebration and joyful reunions are in the cards!